As a jazz pianist and organist at the same time, when playing baroque music, I discovered that Bach is Jazz - there is no need to change much - as his music swings naturally!

Is not basso continuo a baroque "rythm section"? And the author's identity as an artist and composer? Improvisation, interchangeability of instruments, intimacy - these are not only similarities - this is pure unity and harmony!

Altough Bach is present at any given moment on this CD, he would be very surprised to hear how much he influenced and inspired us...


Jarek Kostka
Jan Adamczewski
Piotr "Max" Wiśniewski
Waldemar Franczyk

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Pieces on the CD:
1. Jesu bleibet meine Freude
2. Preludium et fuge c minor
3. Bouree
4. Arie
5. Wachet auf! ruft uns die Stimme
6. Ich ruf zu dir Herr Jesu Christ
7. Toccata et fuga d minor

Jazz Contra Bach - Bouree


Jazz Contra Bach - Jesu Bleibet Meine Freude


Jazz Contra Bach - Toccata Et Fuga